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Fuyan Pill Successful Case - Adenomyosis


Name: Monica


Gender: Female


Nationality: the United States


Diagnosis: adenomyosis


Medical history:

Eight years ago, Monica began to have symptoms like increased menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual cycle, menstrual cramps and so on. She did not care much about this at that time because she thought it was normal. However, left untreated, the symptoms aggravated: vaginal bleeding lasted for 18 days per month, and the dysmenorrhea was so serious that Monica even need take painkillers sometimes. One year ago, Monica went to do some checkups, and the result showed that she had adenomyosis. The doctor prescribed her some hormone drugs (specific drugs and treatment are unknown). But there was no obvious improvement after the treatment.


Consulting time: 2012.2.5


Treating courses: four-month treatment with fuyan pill




Monica told Dr. Lee, the creator of fuyan pill, that her dysmenorrhea got obvious improvement. Before taking fuyan pill, she had to take painkillers to relieve the pain. After taking the pill, there was no need to take the painkillers. Considering that Monica took the medicine for only one month, Dr. Lee asked her to continue the treatment and follow the dietary restrictions.



After taking fuyan pill for two months, Monica felt obvious improvement. The vaginal bleeding was regular and the abdominal pain was relieved. However, she still suffered heavy menstrual flow. As adenomyosis is a stubborn disease and it usually takes a long treatment course, Dr. Lee asked Monica to feel at ease and continue taking fuyan pill.



Monica told Dr. Lee that her dysmenorrhea persisted reducing and the menstrual flow tended to normal. As the symptoms were obviously improved, Dr. Lee asked her to continue the treatment and do some checkups seven days after the drug withdrawal.



Monica was nearly cured. Her menstruation was about seven days, the vaginal bleeding was normal and she didn't suffer dysmenorrhea any more. After the drug withdrawal, Monica went to do some checkups. According to a B ultrasonic examination, the cyst decreased from 11 cm to 4.9 cm. 


After that, another two-month pills were prescribed. Monica was completely cured after the whole treatment courses.



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