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Fuyan Pill Successful Case - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Name: D Patel

Sex: Female

Age: 46

Nationality: the UK



Suffer from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease for years, experience lower abdominal pain and bulge feeling, has thick and yellowish vaginal discharge. Had two deliveries and one induced abortion.


Previous Tests/Diagnosis:

Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, uterus in the size 65mm*50mm*65mm, 58m*22m hydrocele seen in recto-uterine pouch.



3 courses of Fuyan Pill Sig: P.o 25grms/Bid

with dietary requirement: no alcohol, milk, fished, seafoods, beef, chicken, onions, spicy or icy foods/drinks



After one month medication her lower abdominal pain and distension reduced, vaginal discharge amount reduced; two months medication later all symptoms were gone. Reexamine after three months medication showed uterus with the size 58mm*46mm*21mm, no hydrocele was seen.


The patient had suffered from recurrent symptoms of chronic PID, and the long history made her kidneys and spleen weaker. Thus blood and Qi circulation was weak. Pain occurs when Qi doesn’t circulate well. When spleen is weak, dampness and heat may gather at pelvic area which makes the vaginal discharge abnormal.  Generally, the causes of her condition can be concluded as: poor blood and Qi circulation, dampness and heat obstruction, weakness of kidneys and spleen. As a result, treatment should be aiming at promoting blood circulation, clearing away dampness at heat, and tonifying spleen and kidneys. Fuyan Pill is the very medicine which has above functions, so her condition can be completely cured after 3 months. 

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