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Testimonial from M. Gregory (Fuyan Pill Tubal Blockage/Adhesions Testimonial)

Thanks for Dr. Lee and this amazing Chinese medicine I’m pregnant now after been trying for 5 years!


Actually I had been suffering from fibroids as well which are cleared up unexpectedly with this medication, I hadn’t expecting this at all. They are two very small fibroids with the size 1 - 2 cm that has left in my laparoscopy in 2009.


Well to be frank, taking the pills are not very pleasant experience, but doing these for 4 months is really worth my effort. They didn’t takes very good and the diet was also difficult to follow, I couldn’t help eating some cheese twice but fortunatelly it didn’t make thing worse. This is no good and I hope you guys don’t ever try this because you’re gonna regret that. I have been blamed by Dr. Lee for not being a amenable patient but I know it’s for my good. 


She’s always been a responsible doctor and even sometimes hear me out complaning about my life. I has been under a lot of pressure not being able to conceive, and I sometimes has even doubted the efficicy of this herb cause I feel nothing during the medication. However everything has changed after I got my ultrasound report after I finish 3 months pills. Dr. Lee has suggested me to take one more months pills after that in case it recurs and I has done as she’s recommended.


The pills has made a huge difference and and so grateful for what Dr. Lee has done.

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