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Surprising! Three months of Fuyan pill keep the mycoplasma and moderate cervical erosion away

Ms. Huang has been 42 years old, but she had the problem of irregular menstruation for many years. When during the period, she always go with the symptoms of menorrhagia and the color present to be black with blood clots, besides, the menstruation usually up to 10 days and also accompanied by dysmenorrhea. In addition, what embarrassed her most was that she had the yellow vaginal discharge, intercourse pain and abdominal pain after intercourse for years.

At first, she paid no care for it. Until earlier this year, she found that she had menstruation twice a month. And between two menstruations, the brown vaginal discharge always existed. So she had no choice but went to the hospital.
The result of leucorrhea routine examination showed that the cleanliness was Ⅳ, and there were no trichomoniasis or mold. The colposcopy examination revealed the moderate cervical erosion while the pathological examination showed the chronic inflammation. Under the doctor's recommendation, she took the western medicine such as doxycycline and ofloxacin, but the results were not so good, the recheck result was still mycoplasma. Since then, she stopped the treatment, but turned the traditional Chinese medicine for help.
Occasionally, she heard the TCM Fuyan pills, and had a try. During medication, she paid more attention on the board feedback and successful cases on our website, and kept all tips in her mind. Fortunately, she kept a good diet habits and limited the sex life with her husband. After a course of Fuyan pills taking, she obviously found that the amount of vaginal discharge reduces and the color changed into white, and without other obvious abnormalities. She then continued to take a course.
In the second course of treatment, Ms. Huang told us that the intercourse pain and moderate cervical erosion was gone, and menstrual blood clots were no longer black and dysmenorrhea only appeared on the first day of menstruation. She felt thankful for it.
Considering the repeated infection of mycoplasma, especially the cross-infection between husband and wife, we recommended her to consolidate a course of treatment, and urged her had a check in the hospital as well as her husband. After three courses, the mycoplasma was no longer positive. She said that Fuyan pill gave her the new hope for life.
If you don’t know how to do when you get such kind of disease, you can turn Fuyan pill for help. It is the traditional medicine and it will give you an unexpected result. 

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