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Testimonial: a woman with tubal blockage gets pregnant after two months treatment of Fuyan pill
Name: Miss Jiang
Gender: female
Diagnosis: tubal blockage and infertility
Medical history: two and a half years ago, Miss Jiang lost her left fallopian tube because of an ectopic pregnancy. And half a year thereafter, she got blockage in her right fallopian tube, showed by an HSG. Before taking Fuyan pill, Miss Jiang also tried the IVF, but no positive result. 
Consulting time: 2013-01-03
Treating courses: three-month treatment with Fuyan pill
During the first treatment period with Fuyan pill, Miss Jiang told Dr. Lee that she had experienced constipation. Take this situation into consideration, Dr. Lee asked Miss Jiang to continue this treatment and to eat more plain food like vegetables and fruits. What's more, Miss Jiang was also told to pay much attention to the dietary that required. 
Except for the 3 days menstrual delay, there were no other bad feedbacks from Miss Jiang. Dr. Lee told Miss Jiang that it was common to have the menses delayed as long as the delay was less than 7 days. If the delay was more than 7 days, it was better for her to take a pregnant test.
After three-month treatment with Fuyan pill, according to Miss Jiang, she was pregnant, because the result of pregnant test she had been given a in hospital is positive. What's more, the fetus was healthy. Miss Jiang was cured within three-month treatment with Fuyan pill.

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