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Testimonial: mycoplasma was cured by fuyan pill within 3 months
Name: Miss Wu
Gender: Female
Address: Anhui Province
Diagnosis: ureaplasma urealyticum (UU) infection
Symptoms: pruritus vulvae, stabbing pain in the vagina
Medical history: With perennial pruritus vulvae, Miss Wu was diagnosed as colpitis mycotica six months ago. After taking nystatin tablets and fluconazole tablets, the colpitis mycotica was cured, but there were still repeated pruritus vulvae. So she adopted the mycoplasma culture, and the result was mycoplasma positive. After doing the medicine sensitive experiment, she took levofloxacin and minocycline. The pruritus vulvae relieved during medication, but recurred after the drug withdrawal. And there was a new symptom: stabbing pain in the vagina.
Consulting time: 2013.06.13
Treating courses: four-month treatment with fuyan pill
According to Miss Wu, after one-month treatment, symptoms like pruritus vulvae and vaginal stabbing pain were relieved. But the pruritus vulvae recurred when the drug was stopped for 7 days during menstruation. As Miss Wu had only taken this pill for one month, Dr. Lee suggested her continuing taking the pills. And she was also required to pay attention to the vaginal hygiene. 
Miss Wu had no obvious pruritus vulvae and vaginal stabbing pain. But menstruation delayed for 5 days this month. Considering fuyan pill was curing mycoplasma infection and establishing a new menstrual cycle, Miss Wu was required another treatment course. And Dr. Lee also asked her to be reviewed 7 days after the treatment course was finished.
After three treating courses of fuyan pill, there was no itching and tingling. And in the reviews, the mycoplasma showed negative. Considering that mycoplasma is easy to relapse, Miss Wu was advised to take one more treatment course to consolidate the curative effects.


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