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Testimonial: mycoplasma with urinary problems were completely cured within four-month treatment
Name: Miss Wang
Gender: Female
Address: Jiangsu Province
Diagnosis: Mycoplasma infection
Symptoms: Frequent and urgent urination, soreness of waist, mycoplasma positive
Medical history: After an abortion half a year ago, Miss Wang had been experiencing symptoms of frequency, urgency and soreness of waist. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with mycoplasma infection. So the doctor prescribed her azithromycin for a week. After finishing the tablets, the urinary frequency persisted, so she went to take some checks again, and the result still showed mycoplasma positive.
Consulting time: 2013.5.3
Treating courses: 
Two-month treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill 
Two-month treatment with fuyan pill
Patients had had symptoms of frequent and urgent urination for a time, so Dr. Lee suggested Miss Wang taking diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill for one treatment course. During this period, the urinary urgency was relieved, but urinary frequency still existed. And it was more obvious especially after the menstruation. Considering that the pill worked slowly and there was drug withdrawl during menstruation, Dr. Lee suggested Miss Wang taking another month of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.
Patients had no obvious symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency, but she still experienced abdominal pain and soreness of waist once in a while, especially after the menstruation, sedentariness and sexual intercourse. Considering that the mycoplasma infection was not cured, Dr. Lee replaced the prescribed drugs with fuyan pill. And the treatment course was supposed to be one month. Dr. Lee also advised Miss Wang to pay attention to contraception during the treatment.
According to Miss Wang, symptoms of urgent and frequent urination completely disappeared; abdominal pain and soreness of waist were relieved; the irregular menstruation was on time this month, with moderate volume and red color. Dr. Lee asked her to finish the rest of fuyan pill and get reexamination 7 days after the drug withdrawal.
Miss Wang did a reexamination, and the result showed mycoplasma negative. Considering that mycoplasma easily relapse, Dr. Lee suggested her taking another month of fuyan pill to consolidate the curative treatment. Miss Wang was completely cured.

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