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3 Months Using TCM Theory to Eliminate Hydrosalpinx

Name: Miss Mei


Gender: Female


Address: Fujian province


Diagnosis: Hydrosalpinx


Symptoms: dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, watery leucorrhea


Medical history: Miss Mei married for 3 years but still not pregnant. She had been experiencing symptoms of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, abdominal pain and with watery leucorrhea.

She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx. So she tried a lot of doctor’s prescription, but the condition didn’t improve.


Consulting time: 2016.5.23


Treating courses: 

Two-month treatment with fuyan pill




Patients had had symptoms of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and abdominal pain for an extended period, Dr. Lee suggested Miss Mei taking Fuyan pill for one treatment course. During this period, the abdominal pain was relieved, but watery leucorrhea still existed. Thankfully, the watery leucorrhea reduced gradually. Dr. Lee suggested Miss Mei taking another two month of Fuyan pill.



In the period of taking medicine, Miss Mei insisted on light and regular diet, which has a great help for treating. She had no obvious symptoms of dysmenorrhea and watery leucorrhea. But she still soreness of waist once in a while, especially after sexual intercourse. Dr. Lee also advised Miss Mei pay attention to menstrual hygiene and continue to take Fuyan pill punctually.



According to Miss Mei, the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and watery leucorrhea completely disappeared; soreness of waist was relieved; the irregular menstruation was on time this month, Dr. Lee asked her to take another month of fuyan pill to consolidate the treatment. Miss Mei was completely cured and prepared for pregnancy.

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