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Testimonial: a woman with pelvic inflammatory disease is cured by Fuyan pill

Name: Miss Randall


Gender: Female


Address: New mexico


Diagnosis: pelvic inflammatory disease


Symptoms: fever, lower abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea quantity with purulent, fatigue, back pain, menstrual disorders


Medical history: Miss Randall suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease for 1 year and experienced fatigue, menstrual disorder and lower abdominal pain.


Consulting time: 2016.6.2


Treating courses: 

Three-month treatment with fuyan pill



Personally narrative:


I suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease for about 1 year. It caused light salpingitis because of left untreated. I began to be afraid about my condition because it can cause infertility in serious case. I saw a doctor and he suggested me do a laparoscopic surgery initially, but I think whatever it would hurt my body in various degree, and I heard about operation was easy to cause recurrence of the condition. So I decided to try another way.  By pure chance, I heard about my friend who suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease was cured by Chinese medicine, Fuyan pill. I've heard that Chinese medicine produces good results and has fewer side effects. And then I began to focus on it gradually.


Hold the attitude of trying I took it for one course, and I was surprised to find leucorrhoea was normal. Have to say Fuyan pill helps me laid a good foundation for my body. It is high safety for patients because it is no side effects. After 2 months my condition was cured completely. Then I decide to choose consolidate treatment for one month. Now I am very glad to my recovery, and so satisfied with this treatment. I want to recommend it to who has the same case with me. I also will attaches great importance to the health. Thanks.

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