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Testimonial: a woman fallopian tubes blockage is cured by Fuyan pill

Name: Margaret

Gender: Female

Address: California

Diagnosis: Fallopian tube blockage

Symptoms: abdominal pain, infertility

Medical history: Being affiliated from the disease for over one year, she had tried many ways to treat the disease. The medicines include antibiotics, some painkillers and so on. But all of efforts are in vain. She is still unable to get pregnant.

Consulting time: 2016.08.09

Treating courses:

Three-month treatment with fuyan pill


Personally narrative:

I was diagnosed with infertility one year ago due to fallopian tubes blockage, and the blockage is partly because of the fluids in the tubes. Sometimes I feel painful in my lower abdominal area, and it is hard for me to become pregnant even though I have tried so many ways to treat the disease. My doctor suggested me do a laparoscopic surgery at first, but considering that surgery does harm to my body and I wanted to have a child, I refused. One day, my friend recommended me to try TCM and go to their website to see if there are similar cases like me.

I listened to her suggestion and I consulted them about the pill in August. They told me the disease is curable without surgery, and they also told me some stories about patients who had the same problem like me. After listening, I decided to have a try. At the first month, I felt that my lower abdominal pain is much more relieved. Three months later, I recovered from the disease and not long after I was pregnant. I am more than pleased to take this medicine, and how I wish I had used this medicine earlier. Now I just want to express my gratitude to the people who has helped me, especially Dr. Lee. Thanks.


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