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Testimonial: A woman from U.S. recovers from the endometriosis with the help of fuyan pill

Name: Abby
Gender: Female

Address: New Jersey

Diagnosis: Endometriosis
Symptoms: cramping, painful sexual intercourse and urination, bleeding during periods
Medical history: Abby has married for 10 years, and she has 3 beautiful children. Last month, Abby felt very painful when she urinated and the pain lasted a very long time, and she would also feel painful when she had sex. Abby felt scared and at first she just took some painkillers like cafaflam to relieve the pain. However, as time went by, the medicine was less useful for her pain. Her husband decided to take her to the hospital to have a gynecological check-up, and it turned out to be endometriosis.  Abby googled for more information, but only to be told that the disease would get worse if the disease is left treated. Abby did not want to do surgery since she knew it might lead to some unexpected complications.  They were excited to be informed that some females who had the same experiences finally were cured by fuyan pill. Therefore, the couple consulted Dr. Lee.

Consulting time: 2016.02.11

Treating courses
Three-month treatment with fuyan pill
It is much better for Abby, and she cannot even feel the pain. She still feels painful when she has sex, but the pain is much more relieved. And she does not vomit, and cramp never happens to her.
Abby cannot feel the pain when she urinates or during sex, and this makes her delighted. She feels much more confident and the life is becoming much more harmonious. Abby thinks the medicine is effective than any other medicine. Most importantly, the function will never decrease and there aren’t any side-effects.
Abby and her husband go to see a doctor and have laparoscopy, and the result is that endometriosis completely disappears. She is more than happy to tell us about this, and this is the happiest event in her life since she gets the disease.

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