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A Woman with Hydrosalpinx Is Cured with Fuyan pill

Name:  Alisa

Gender:  Female

Address:  Alabama

Diagnosis:  Hydrosalpinx

Symptoms: 3-year history of inability to become pregnant, sometimes pain in the pelvis

Consulting time: 2016.8.26

Treating courses:
3-month treatment with fuyan pill

Treating process:

Alisa, a 32-year-old woman, presented with a 3-year history of inability to conceive. Her husband Jack who was 40 had normal sperm and had 2 children in his prior marriage.

Alisa had normal ovarian reserve (based on prior blood FSH and AMH levels, good follicle development, and good egg/embryo quality during her 2 fresh IVF cycles). Hysterosalpingogram showed that the cause of infertility related to an episode of PID in her teen years. Later on, a routine ultrasound revealed that her both tubes were blocked by fluids. The damage to the fallopian tubes due to the previous PID had resulted in her inability to become pregnant.

The doctor advised her to have salpingectomy, which meant that both of her tubes would be removed. Being unable to accept the fact that her fallopian tubes will be gone and she would never have children, the couple refused and tried to find a natural way. They googled for more information and noticed our website which said that the fallopian tubes could be unblocked with fuyan pill.


Therefore, they contacted Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee collected her some details about her disease, then Dr. Lee prescribed her one treatment course. One month later, the doctor said that there were fewer fluids in the tubes. Three months later, the ultrasound showed that there were no fluids in the tubes. Not long after her treatment, Alisa got pregnant successfully.


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