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A adenomyosis treatment case

Name:  Caroline


Gender:  Female

Address:  Alaska


Diagnosis:  adenomyosis


Symptoms:  heavy period, sometimes there are menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, being unable to get pregnant

Consult time:  2016.9.12


Treating course: Four-month treatment with fuyan pill


Treating process:

Mrs Caroline suffered from severe pain during menstrual periods and some times there were cramps. What’s more, she was unable to get pregnant after 2-year trying. This bothered her a lot, and in 2015 she went to see a doctor. The doctor did her a complete gynecological examination. It turned out that she had adenomyosis, but it was not very severe. The doctor recommended her to have surgery to remove the diseased tissue.

She did not want to do that because it would risk too much and might kill her dream of being a mother. Therefore, she started to seek for alternative approach. For her, the best way to cure the disease was natural remedy because it would not cause damage to her body. So she consulted Dr. Lee, and Dr. Lee prescribed her 4-month treatment and gave her some suggestions like what she should eat in the time she took medicine.

In the beginning, Caroline felt much better. As she told us, ‘I cannot even feel painful in the abdomen now’. And the second month, she told us that she could not feel the pain and did not bleed too much during periods. In the three month, she said that she did a gynecological examination and the result was that her endometriosis was cured. 





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