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A PID patient was cured by Fuyan pill

Name:   Cindy




painful sexual intercourse, painful urination, heavy periods, lower abdominal pain, fatigue

Consult time:   

Treating course:
Three-month treatment with fuyan pill            

Treating process:
Mrs Cindy comes from Kansas, the USA. She felt painful soon after she had surgery, and at that time she just took some painkillers to stop the pain. However, the painkillers did not relieve the pain as before. So she went to hospital to have a gynecological check, and the results indicated that she had inflammation in her pelvis.
Mrs Cindy used to be infected with chlamydia , and she had to receive surgery because of that.  However, this surgery did not cure the infection completely, and the surgery also led to inflammation as well. As a result, the inflammation got severer.
Mrs Cindy consulted Dr. Lee through internet, and told Dr. Lee about her disease history. Dr. Lee prescribed her with 3-month treatment with fuyan pill. In the beginning, Mrs Cindy said her pain was much relieved, especially in the pelvis, but she still worried about if the pain would recur. One month later, she sent email to us saying that there was still much bleeding during periods, but she was very confident for the treatment. Three months later, she told us that her period was normal.


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