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6 months TCM treatment to get rid of endometriosis

Name:   Dianne


Gender:   Female


Address:   Kansas


Diagnosis:   Endometriosis


Symptoms:   constipation, painful sexual intercourse and urination, painful periods


Consult time:    2012.10.26


Treating course: six-month treatment with fuyan pill          


Treating process

Dianne was diagnosed with endo in 2010 and during a surgery to remove it. They found a 3cm cyst and severe adhesions. She had painful periods and groin pain but didn’t notice endo until then. At that time she didn’t know anything of it and just follow the doctor what he thought was right. She was prescribed with birth control but left with physical and mental weakness, which is a lot worse than before. It is difficult even for her to keep a part-time job and she is still in mid 20s. She stopped the medicine after two months because she didn’t want to live in constant misery for the rest of life. Her pain grew back in 2012, 2 years after surgery. Got examined and it was already the size 2 years ago. Her doctor told that if she can get pregnant then endo will be cured automatically. However, she failed many times of trying. Then she was recommended by one of her friend with Fuyan pill. She did not give too much hope at first, but the pain gradually reduced after 6 months and period got back to normal again. In 2013, she got pregnant. Now Dianne is a happy mother with two lovely babies.

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