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Fuyan Pill Helps A woman with Adenomyosis Get Pregnant

Rachelle is a patient from the United States. When she first contacted Dr. Lee, she briefly introduced her current condition and said that she suffered one miscarriage several years ago and have not gotten pregnant since. Today she found out that she have mild adenomyosis. However she dis not usually get heavy cramping. But had heavy bleeding during menstruation. In the last, she indicated that her primary demand was natural pregnancy.

From her description, Dr. Lee told her that Fuyan Pill could eliminate her symptoms and adjust her periods. Moreover, Fuyan pill can clean up the uterine environment and increase her chance of natural pregnancy. After receiving a positive reply from Dr. Lee, Rachelle began treatment. 
After taking the medicine for more than half a month, She felt more improvement overall with fuyan. It makes her have a better sleep. So she wanted to continue another round of treatment to see how things go. 
During the second course of treatment, Rachelle felt things are going well, no extra pain during the menstrual and have a better sleeping. 
After two courses of medication, Rachelle had more regular menstruation. And she barely have any cramping or pain during her menstruation. 
Now Rachel is pregnant. Then she wrote us a letter to Dr.lee. We can read her happiness from her letter!

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