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Irregular Vaginal Bleeding and Endometrial Thickening Cured by Fuyan Pill
Endometrial thickness is known to vary with the fluctuations of ovarian hormones, sometimes thin and sometimes thick. Although there is no standard range of thickness, it is generally considered normal in the range of 5 mm to 10 mm in order to distinguish it from abnormal endometrial thickening. If the thickness continues to exceed this value or even more, it may be abnormally thickened endometrium.
At this time, it is also necessary to consider whether there are symptoms such as excessive menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual period. If the endometrium is abnormally thickened, it will cause anemia, infertility, delayed menopause, and even the hazard of malignant transformation into endometrial cancer.
Dana, from Texas, USA, contacted us by email in March. She was a patient with thickened endometrium. When she had a gynecological examination at the beginning, she was found to have a foreign matter in her uterus. It was later confirmed that it was a Endometrial Hyperplasia, with a thickness of about 15 mm.
At that time, the doctor advised her to use medroxyprogesterone acetate, in this case, she would have to continuously shed the endometrium through bleeding. In order to avoid the side effects caused by this drug, she hoped that we could help her.
Donna offered to send her examination report. First, we showed that she might have irregular vaginal bleeding according to the symptoms described, and then we found that her condition indeed belonged to endometrial thickening from the check result of her report. Finally, according to Donna's narration, we made a detailed and confirmed diagnosis of her condition, and finally suggested that she could take our natural medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment.
In addition, we also added 150 grams of pseudo-ginseng powder and a hemostatic formula to cooperate with Fuyan formula, and told her that if the herbal hemostatic formula is not found in America, then she might use other hemostatic tablets instead.
In September, Donna wrote again to thank us for the treatment of Fuyan Pill. When she finished the course of medication, she did ultrasound examination in the hospital and found that the endometrial thickness shrinked from 15 mm to only 10 mm. She expressed her gratitude sincerely and asked for advice after rehabilitation. 
Donna's Feedback Email for Endometrial Thickening:
Attached Donna's treatment history and Thank You email:
TCM believes that endometrial thickening is the lesion of congestion and belongs to the disease of Qi and blood stasis, while Fuyan Pill formula has the ingredients of softening and dispersing blood stagnation, promoting blood circulation and activating Qi, which can regulate menstruation, and stop bleeding, so as to treat abnormal bleeding and complex irregular menses caused by endometrial thickening.
In addition, Fuyan Pill has the effect of clearing away heat and treating stranguria which enables the curative efficacy of eliminating pelvic and intrauterine inflammation, so that endometrial thickening can be naturally inhibited.

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