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Tubal blockage with hydrosalpinx can be cured by TCM shortly

Mrs. Huang, 32 years old, is one of the patients who got tubal blockage(blocked fallopian tubes) with hydrosalpinx. She had an ovarian dropsy in left fallopian tube and hydrops in right tube. She couldn't get pregnant for 2 years. She took a laparoscopyin in the end of 2007 to excise the cyst and clean out the hydrops. After that, she was still having no pregnancy. She took a salpingography in June, 2008. But it was nothing helps. Occasionally, she heard the TCM fuyan pill, and had a try. Two months later, she got pregnant.

Why this happened? She had tried so many ways, but why only the TCM can cure it? 
Wuhan Dr.lee explains that Mrs. Huang took the surgery under the condition of inflammation in the tube; she took no measures to control. So even the surgery was successful, with 3 months contraception, she then couldn't get pregnant in the following 3 months. Soon after, she took the salpingography, which indicated that there was no development in the left tube and hydrops in the right tube. And finally, she choose the TCM fuyan pill, it can not only eliminate the inflammation, but also can clear away heat and toxic materials. And with all the inflammation gone, she then got pregnant.
Why TCM fuyan pill plays a role in tubal blockage with hydrosalpinx?
Tubal blockage with hydrosalpinx is caused by the functional contraction of shedding embolus and organs, such as the endometrium fragments and blood clots during menstrual period. And when medical and artificial abortion conducted, uterine contraction and sudden relive of vacuum suction make embryonal tissues and the annex enter fallopian tube, causes tubal blockage, hydrosalpinx and adhesion, and finally leads to infertility. 
In Chinese doctor’s view, the incidence of Tubal blockage with hydrosalpinx is believed to be poor qi and blood circulation as well as damp-heat evil infection. And in Chinese treatment, the cures should depend on the constitution. With this principle, we must choose the medicine with the function of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and clearing heat and promoting diuresis. Fuyan pill follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and strictly compatibility on the basis of ancient prescription, and formed a complete formulation.
Fuyan Pill, with its effect of blood circulation promoting and blood stasis removing, can cure the blockage and adhesions effectively.  And with some herbs in it to promote Qi circulation, the lower abdominal pain and lower back pain can also be released as well. 
According to the clinical reports, fuyan pill can take away the symptoms about three to four months. With a required diet, the sufferers can have their diseases permanently cured and get pregnant after the treatment in a short time.  

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