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Foreign Case of Successful Pregnancy with Bilateral Tubal Occlusion Treated by Fuyan Pill

Patient history: bilateral tubal occlusion, uterine fibroids, infertility
Patient Address: Mrs.Pinnock Salome


The patient initially contacted us in January 2014. She was a resident of Nigeria and married in June 2012, and soon after her marriage, she did a hysterosalpingography test and was diagnosed with multiple tubal obstructions, not only bilateral but also with small uterine fibroids.


The doctor advised the patient to have surgery, but the patient did not want to do it. She searched Google for alternative treatments for tubal occlusion, and then found Fuyan Pill and contacted us for treatment details.


Through her understanding of the disease, Dr. Lee prescribed Fuyan Pill for three months and asked the patient to follow the diet plan. Mrs.Pinnock Salome told us that her brother was in China and could take medicine directly from our clinic and then send to his sister back in Nigeria.


In April 2014, she received the medication and started the treatment. At the end of the treatment on July, she sent us an email saying she did not see any change, so she wanted to do HSG test after the third month of treatment.


During this period, she also sent another email stating that she was on a strict diet, but encountered some dietary problems and in the meantime noted vaginal discharge.


On August 10, after the patient had finished three months of treatment, she told us that she was going to have an HSG test and expected a good result.


On October 10, 2014, she sent an email to tell us the test results: one of her fallopian tubes had been dredged and the other one was partially opened, so we asked the patient to continue taking Fuyan Pills.


On December 23, 2014, she tested and found that she was pregnant, and then sent a letter to tell us the story of her successful pregnancy after taking Fuyan Pill: She went from being treated for bilateral fallopian tube blockage to "miraculously" had her own baby, who was now four years old.



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