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For Severe Vulva Itch - Fuyan Pill Cured Mycoplasma Infection of Two Years

On August 27, 2018, we received a patient from Yunnan, Ms. Qu, who was only 25 years old but has had Mycoplasma and its treatment for two years. She took various medicines and injections in the past, but they did not work. So Ms. Qu hoped that we could help her.


Then in the later dialogue, we got to know something more about her. Ms. Qu previously had abdominal pain and frequent urination because of Mycoplasma infection, but later the symptoms of abdominal pain had disappeared, but sometimes she would have frequent urination. By the time she visited us, the main symptoms of were tofukasu-like leucorrhea, vulva itch even during menstrual period, and the menstrual volume was small, the cycle was untimely, often delayed.


As Ms. Qu repeatedly stressed that the itch had been very serious, we suggested that she could take Fuyan Pill plus Antipruritic Prescription for treatment, but Ms. Qu said that she did not have enough money for the time being, so she planned to order Fuyan Pill for only half a course of treatment. After getting some advice on how to take the pills, Ms. Qu began her natural treatment.




At the end of the half-course medication, Ms. Qu told us that the vulva was not as itchy as before, but because she had eaten some chicken and fish, she was worried that the symptoms would worsen, so she wanted to order another half course of Fuyan pill for further treatment. We advised her to avoid taboos and sent her Fuyan Pills for another half course.


After a whole course of treatment, Ms. Qu feedbacked that itch symptoms have disappeared, but the menstrual volume was still small, so she wanted to take another half course of Fuyan Pills. We promised to send her another half course of medication and suggested that she could go to the hospital for a review. Ms. Qu felt that she had not applied to the diet plan 100%, and took chili, chicken and sea fish sometimes, so she planned to go for a check sometime later.


On November 23, Ms. Qu said that the last packs of medicine was almost finished, but she still felt slightly itchy and wanted to continue her treatment, so we sent her another half course of Fuyan Pills.


On January 14, 2019, Ms. Qu was pleased to tell us that she had done a review and the Mycoplasma had turned negativea and she had recovered from it. She thanked us again and again.

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