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Pruritus Vulvae and Frequent Urination: Mycoplasma Infection Cured after 2 Courses
Ms. Huang, from Haikou City, had always been in good health, however in March this year, she found herself feeling sticky in her vagina, and a little prickly. In addition to these symptoms, it was accompanied by pruritus vulvae and frequent urgency of urination, which attracted Ms. Huang's attention. She was a bit flustered, fearing that she had some incurable disease.
So, Ms. Huang went to the hospital for examination. The results showed that she had infection of Mycoplasma
Mycoplasma is a kind of prokaryotic organism smaller than bacteria and larger than viruses. It is widely distributed in nature, including some animals and human. Up to now, several mycoplasmas have been isolated from human body, which are related to reproductive tract. Ureaplasma urealyticum is the main cause of reproductive tract diseases. 
The main transmission routes are sexual contact transmission and mother-to-child transmission. Ms. Huang had taken antibiotics before for treatment, her condition improved in the early stage. However it was not long before the symptoms of discomfort appeared again. In May, Ms. Huang went again for a re-examination. Routine leucorrhea tests showed that BV was positive and Mycoplasma positive. Ms. Huang got into a great panic.
One day she got to know from some friends that a TCM prescription Fuyan Pill could clear up Mycoplasma infection, and it had cured many patients and won a remarkable reputation in the field. So she decided to take Fuyan pills to try the effect. After taking a course of Fuyan Pill, Ms. Huang's symptoms improved obviously.
So she continued on and took another course, and her symptoms significantly eliminated, she went to the hospital again and the text result showed her Mycoplasma had turned negative.
The following report from the patient showed Mycoplasma negative:

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