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Fuyan Pill for Pelvic Prickling, Urinary Pain and Heavy Period

Cindy from the United States had symptoms of pelvic prickling, burning pain during urination, heavy periods and so on. After her initial contact by an email to us, she decided to immediately order three courses of Fuyan Pill.


In e-mail exchanges, Cindy's feedback reflected that the herbal medicine took good effect in the first month, and almost all symptoms disappeared. (The original text is as follows: "in the first month of the treatment I started feeling way better almost all my symptoms were gone and as I finished the whole treatment my life came back to normal.")


For this reason, she continued taking Fuyan Pill. After three courses of medication, she informed us that all symptoms had disappeared completely and her life had been back to normal. Cindy's symptoms were very typical among patients of PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), with prickling, burning and heavy menstruation.
Before she found us, the pain was always worrying her although the examination showed normal. Fortunately, the natural therapy with over 50 kinds of herbs has healed her. Attached feedback email from Cindy and her testimony:

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