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USA Customer's Feedbacks: Herbs For Endometriosis Cured Stories

Gender :   Female

Address :  

Diagnosis : 
Stage IV Endometriosis

Symptoms :  
painful bowel movements, abdominal pain. In addition,infertility.

Consult time :  

Treating course :
Four-month treatment with
fuyan pill            

Treating process :


Angelica was a 29 America girl, who was diagnosed with bladder endometriosis two years ago.


During 2015-2017 years,Angelica has tried several endometriosis treatment options : Hormonal therapy ,anti-inflammatory drugs and laparoscope operation in Feb.,2017,but these treatment methods were not  a satisfactory long-term solution.Just as she told with Dr.Lee, the Hormonal therapy  and anti-inflammatory drugs can help to relieve symptoms and reduce pain, however, the symptoms will back again once the treatment stopped. So followed suggestion by gyne,she done a laparoscope operation in Feb.,2017,the operation indeed help to remove implants and scar tissue. However, laparoscopy it brought complications (wound infection, uterus infection) after the surgery.


In 2017-09-20,Angelica wrote a email to us for inquirying about herbs for endometriosis,she told us she has read many articles about TCM Herbal Medicine Fuyan Pills online,and thought maybe our pills can help her get a cure .She was desire to be a mother ,after all,she was 29 years old. After knew Angelica detailed diseases conditions, Dr.Lee give Angelica her best diagnose suggestions and asked Angelica took fuyan pills for one month at first and during this period, angelica was required to have a  strict diet control, spicy food and alcohol,Chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, pickled vegetables, milk,chocolate, coffee, coke, fried and baked food are not allowed and dr.lee also ask Angelica take fuyan pills 2 bags a day after half an hour after meals with warm water.


And in 2017-10-17,Dr.Lee received a new message from Angelica ,in the letter she showed her thanks to dr.lee ,because her symptoms get a noticable improvement,she didnt felt severe enmetoriosis pain any more and asked for the next stage of treatment .Dr.Lee suggested Angelica take Fuyan Pill for 3-4 months to get rid of diseases from root cause,and in 2018-2-06,Angelica sent dr.lee a thanks card and also shared a great news with Dr.Lee that she was Menopause for 7 days and has done a examination,she got pregnant .Dr.Lee gave her best wishes to Angelica and ask her to take care of herselves and if she havs any questions,can still consult with her.


Angelica was one of another successfull stories about TCM Herbal Medicine fuyan pills in helping women get pregnancy with endometriosis .So,if you are looking for a natural treatment without surgery,no side effects, Herbs will be a new natural treatment for you.




















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