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Feedback on Completing Three months dosage of Fuyan Pill For Adenomyosis Endometriosis

Gender :  Female

Age :
34 years old

Address : 
United Kingdom

Diagnosis : 
Grade 4 stage of adenomyosis and endrometreosis with cyst on one of ovary

Symptoms : 
Severe menstrual cramps and painfully dull after period ends,heavy bleeding

Consult time : 
Treating course :
three-month treatment with fuyan pill (Learn More : https://global.fuyanpills.com/Fuyan_pill/  )       

Treating process :


Ainslie has suffered from menstrual cramps and painfully dull after period ends for half and one year,but she didnt pay much attention to it and just thought it is the normal menstrual symptoms. Ainslieworks in high stress corporate job, and the problem seemed to have aggravated for the past two months or so, because bleeding was very heavy and menstrual cramps became severe, and she also feels acute back pain and leg cramps and and lower abdomen felt heavy. so she consulted the doctors, and the doctors found that she had grade 4 adenomyosis and cysts on the ovary as endometriosis. Her gyne recommended removal of uterus but since she is 34 yr, she don't want to take that route .


Ainslie left her job in 2016.02 and hope to restore her health conditions. She tried hormonal therapy first and was given Lupron injections and marina was inserted,she under the treatment for last two years -2016 and 2017 . The pain is bearable. The flow has reduced and the uterus is now less bulky .Hoewever the flipside is that she has been having inconsistent bleeding and spotting every single day for last two years despite being on hormonal injections and marina. The side effects of hormonal injection is also difficult to manage wirh frequent mood swings hot flushes. Somehow, she is not able to lead a normal balanced life like any other normal healthy human being of her age .


She came across your herbal medicine in a medical journal review. she is hoping that fuyan pill will be able to cure her adenomyosis and endometriosis and help her lead a normal life once again. Ainslie Consulted with Dr.Lee about her disease condition on 3th,Feb.,2018, and after confirmed her diseases can be cured by fuyan pill, Dr.Lee gives her best diagnose assistant. Dr.Lee showed some Adenomyosis succesfull cases with Ainslie to give her some confidience and also explains how does fuyan pill help cure her disease conditions with traditional chinese herbal theory, in the view of Chinese Herbal Medicine, adenomyosis is caused by 'Damp heat in the lower body' and 'Qi and blood circulation stagnation' , and herbal medicine fuyan pill can clear heat, promote Qi and blood circulation, eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria etc.Dr.Lee  suggests Ainslie to take 3-6 month's treatment to get a radical cure.


Dr.Lee also asked she to follow the dosage and dietary restriction as advised, observe the symptoms change, and email to us if there is any improvements or changes. After takes fuyan pill for the first one month, Ainslie told us that her heavy bleeding and pain were very less compared to before. After third months dose, she has done a ultrasound examination and the diagnose report shows her cyst is becoming smaller < 5cm and her conditions has got a great improvement,the doctor also tells her that if she wanna to have a baby,she can ttc now ! This is a great news for Ainslie,she says to Dr.Lee,our fuyan pills save her and and she is planning to get pregnant too.Ainslie is one of the cured cases by fuyan pill, which further proves that Adenomyosis and Endometriosis can be cured via natural treatment.


Hysterectomy is not a smart choice to cure Adenomyosis, especially for young women who want to have baby in the future. in addition, surgery can cause secondary infection. Taking antibiotics for a long time is also harmful to both liver and kidney. Many patients choose Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat gynecological disease and chronic disease, because the treatment is quite effective. The same as Adenomyosis, herbal medicine Fuyan Pills can cure it effectively. Based on more than 30 years clinic experiences, and consist of more than 50 herbs, fuyan pill can promote blood circulation, remove stasis, clear over away heat and dampness in the lower abdomen etc, normally the symptoms such as pain and irregular bleeding etc can get relieved in the first month's treatment, and it will be completely cured in about 3-6 months, fuyan pill is made from natural herbs with no side effect .

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