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Can stage 3 endometriosis be treatment completely without Recurring ?
Hi,Doctor ! I'm katrina from USA, 33 years old. I have been diagnosed in the stage 3 of endometriosis last year,i didnt take any surgery,instead,i take anti-inflammatory drugs for 2 months or so,at first,the drugs indeedly help me relife Endometriosis pain,the symptoms were returned after i stopped treatment. And the recurring Endometriosis Pain almost killed me,so i need your advice on a curable treatment for endometriosis without side effects and most important will not recurrence again. Pls help me ! Thanks so much !
Pls take easy ,your condition is curable. suggest was not a good choice, because surgery causes damage.About the anti-inflammatory drugs,it is not a satisfactory long-term solution for many women.So,i will recommend you can give our herbs medicine fuyan pill a shot, this is a patended product,safe and effective ,it used natural herbs,can improve your condition from the root cause without any side effects.Usually patients will get cured by fuyan pills with 3-6 months,mainly depends on the diseases condition,but pls note,when take our pills,strict diet was required, here is the link for more details about our pills : http://global.fuyanpills.com/notice/20111126/90.html ,from which you will better know about our pills and its functions and you can also check the fuyan pills successfully stories for Endometriosis treatment from http://global.fuyanpills.com/Testimonials/2017/0314/888.html ,hope it will give you some confidence in treating Endometriosis. Any questions,pls dont hesistant to contact us online or by emails. Best wishes to you. Regards
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