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Is fuyan pill only for blocked tube or it works for all infertility problems?
How much is the pill going to cost and is it only for blocked tube or it works for all infertility problems? Thanks ! PS : I'm Joy from USA,31 years old.
Hi, Joy ! Thanks for your consulting ! our herbal pill cannot cure all infertility problems. it only works on infertility that caused by infections like endometriosis, yeast infection. PID, tubal blockage, adhesion, and hydro. and Adenomyosis, and Chlamydia Infection and so on.so if your infertility is caused by those disease that i mentioned,then our pills will work for you. You can check fuyan pill from here : http://global.fuyanpills.com/Fuyan_pill/ ,the price is $500USD ,excluded shipping fee, but now, you can enjoy $25USD discount when buy fuyan pill from us, all you need to do is taking our survery in the left below pages on our store. Hope my answer will help you,if you have any other questions, pls contact us by livecaht or herbalistlee@yahoo.com freely and we will help you.
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