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Need help for chronic endometriosis ?
Hello Doctor ! Pls I need your help. I am 36years old from france. I have been living with endometriosis for 12 years now and have undergone two cysts operation in the right ovary. I was cut open in the lower abdominal. Since the second operation ten years ago, it has gotten worsen. I suffered from painful intercourse. I have exaust all my savings on different treatment but no cure before i saw your pilIs on the Internet. Pls help me, I am always in pains, Pls help.
Hi,friend. Thanks for your question and i will be happily to help you. Please don't worry,your conditions is curable by our fuyan pills. Our fuyan pill can help you treat endometriosis and reduce ednometriosis pain. Your disease conditions is severe, I suggest you take Fuyan Pill for 3-4 months to help you get rid of pain,this herbal medication will treat you very effectively and it has no side effects. and based on your treatment conditions, i will give you a further supporting. Our pills with patent formula and the formula will be changed according to customer's disease conditions to help patient be cured as soon as early. Just in case of your need,here is the link about our product : global.fuyanpills.com/Fuyan_pill/ Hope my answer will help you,if you have any other questions, pls contact me freely. Have a nice day. Regards
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