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Why does endometriosis cause frequent urination? How to get rid of endometriosis
Dear Sir/Madame I have been diagosed with endometriosis for two years, and recently,i feel frequent urination, what's wrong with my condition ? Will Endometriosis cause frequent urination? How to get rid of endometriosis with Fuyan Pill ? Thanks !
Yeah, Endometriosis will cause frequent urination. When endometrial tissue implants are on the bladder, during the time which corresponds to endometrial shedding, these tissues will also swell and bleed causing sensations of pelvic fullness and pain which compels one to visit the bathroom more frequently. If the implants are on the bowel, more frequent stools may be expected from the inflammation too. The location at which this tissue takes hold may be different for every individual. Sometimes the growth in the cul de sac of the uterus can all over the pelvic ligaments make sexual activity quite difficult . Fuyan pill can help you cure endometriosis and manage endometriosis pain, it is a natural herbal medicine that based on more than 30 years clinic experiences, and consist of more than 50 herbs,it can promote blood circulation, remove stasis, clear over away heat and dampness in the lower abdomen etc,it can help you get rid of diseases from root cause to realize a longer treatment effect. Fuyan pill can nourish the kidney and soothe the liver,it is safe to use,it will treat endometriosis effectively without side effects. Hope my answer will help you,but if you still have any other questions,please contact me freely and i will be happily to help you. Have a nice day. Regards
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