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Hello!Good afternoon Just wanted to know more about fuyan pill and how safe is i
As I have bilateral hydrosalpinx and myomactomy for fibroids three years Ra before and I am trying to conceive however because of the fallopian blockage I am unable to.
Thanks for your consultation. Fuyan Pill is made of over 50 kinds of natural herbs and don't produce side effects or drug resistance, so it is very safe to take without worries. It has passed the test of Food & Drug Administration of our country and healed many women and restored their fertility. It works to unblock Fallopian tubes, clear up tubal fluids (hydrosalpinx), eliminate blood stasis, wipe out toxins and restore your reproductive system. Meanwhile, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability, to enable you to have better physical status to naturally conceive with healthy babies. Hope this answer helps and best regards
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