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I have a endometriosis since 16 years old
I suffer from irregular menses for over 10 years, and this condition cannot even be diagnosed till I was 22 years old. Please advice me.
Endometrium bodiness, endometriosis, endometrisis are all caused by inflammation, so the treatment of them should be aiming at eiminating the inflammation in your pelvic cavity. Fuyan Pill is the right medicine to cure you. It has as much as 50 kinds of elements, and each of them has its unique function in curing your endoemtrium disease. In the prescription of Fuyan Pill, some herbs can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, to release the inflammation; some herbs can promote Qi and release pain if you have any; some herbs can regular your menses; and some can dissipate hard lumps, to dissolve hard lumps and lesions on your endometrium. By those means, your disease can be cured in about three months. As long as you keep a good diet and keep taking the pills, your disease can be cured by Fuyan Pill.
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