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I have some questions on traditional chinese medicine for tubal adhesion
I'm infertile for nearly 2 years, I took some exam and the HSG showed tubal adhesion. I want to know: How long would it take for fuyan pill to treat this adhesion? Is there any side effects? When can I conceive, within or after the treatment? Thanks in advance.
Generally it takes 3 months to treat tubal adhesions. Improvement can be seen after one month medication if you suffer from some symptoms. Fuyan Pill is my patented herbal medicine which has been used for many years, there's no side effect found in clinical cases. As all the herbs come from plants or aminals, it is as safe as foods. Since your tubes don't function well because of adhesions, it is not suggested for you to conceive before your tubes are reversed. Thus you're suggested to treat with birth control measures for 2 months, and then try to conceive since 3rd month medication, in case ectopic pregnancy occurs.
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