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My wife has been diagnosed hydrosalpinx for 7 years. Doctor asked her to cut the tube, but she did not agree. She does not any symptom like pain while menstural etc. Do you think Fuyan pills can cure my wife HYDROSALPINX problem completly? If yes how long this treatment we need to take? Please advice me.Thank you.
Hydrosalpinx can be cured by Fuyan pills. The prescription have the effect of consolidate recovery, endocrine regulation, regulating body balance, improve immunity, repair of the lesion tissue and clear the ovaries and fallopian tubes which finally restore the normal function and the reproductive of all the organs. To cure the hydrosalpinx, the Fuyan pills eliminate inflammation and water in tubal. It is no side effects, and it can goes deeply into the lesions, dredge the fallopian tube completely, then finally restore the physiological functions of fallopian tube.
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