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Do you have Physical store in USA ?
Hi,I'm Lisa from United Kingdom ! I have suffered from sever Endometritis pain for months and When i searched natural treatment for Endometritis,i came accross your store and wanna to get more details about your product fuyan pill .So would you tell me whether you also have Physical store in USA ? If nearby my house,i can directly consult with doctor face to face. Thanks !
Hi, Lisa ! Sorry to hear your problem ,but pls dont worry,i will help you . We dont have Physical store in USA ,our store is a online E-Shop, but you can take easy,we have many USA customers were diagnosed by us via online live chat or emails. And if you can send me more diseases conditions ,i can be better help you and we have many successfully stories in treating Endometritis,so pls dont hesistant to contact us . Regards !
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