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what is the cost of Fuyan pill with shipping cost to Melbourne ?
Hi ,doctor ! I seen this and wanted to see what are the rates and the benefits on these pill? I was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx ,just want to know what are the chances of my tube being normal again.. what is the cost of Fuyan pill with shipping cost to Melbourne ?
Hi ,friend ! Fuyan pill can help you clear hydrosalpinx and unblock the tubes. The herbs in Fuyan pill has the effects of eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation etc. It works to hyrosalpinx effectively. I suggest you take the medicine for 3-4 months to get a cure and to give your some confidience,you can check our patients feedbacks from http://global.fuyanpills.com/Testimonials/ and you can buy pill from http://global.fuyanpills.com/notice/20120301/162.html ,click on buy now button beside Australia on the page,then you will get the price. Hope my answer will help you. Any other questions,just contact me freely. Have a nice day. Regards
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