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What's your pills different from other TCM Herbal Medicines ?
I have suffered from endometriosis pain for months, and my chinese friend in the University suggested me give chinese herbal medicine a shot. I googled ,then found your store, but i also noticed,there are several TCM herbs for Endometriosis,then what's the big different between your pills from others ?
Hi,friend ! Thanks for your inquirying ! and let me help you clear this confusions ! Generally speaking, there are 600 kinds of herbs used commonly today and there are thousands of kinds of herbs with different properties,so even if same herbs,yet with different properties and formulas,the effective in treating diseases are different. Our Pills with its unique properties and accompanied with other auxiliary herbs, making Fuyan pill effective and curable in treating endometriosis. Fuan pill is developed by Dr. Lee, a professional herbalist in wuhan, hubei province, China. Fuyan pill has been patented by China national Patent Office and its safety and effectiveness are guaranteed. You can check more details about our herbal medicine here : http://global.fuyanpills.com/Faqs/ Hope my answer will help you,if you still have any questions,pls contact me freely. Regards
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