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How long would I need to take this for ademomyosis?
I have had three surgeries for dysplasia, ovarian cysts, and the removal of scare tissue. Upon recovering, the doctor said that I have ademomyosis. I am so bloated, fatigued, and have lots of cramps that I'm going crazy. So far nothing has worked and I am at wits end. Will this cure the adenomyosis? If so, how long will it take? Thank you.
From your description, you have taken three surgeries with recurrent symptoms, which mean that the root of your disease cannot be removed, while the more surgeries still cannot reach a radical curative effect. So, I advise you take some conservative treatment like alternative treatment. While, in traditional Chinese medicine, adenomyosis is caused by blood stasis stagnation, or poor blood circulation. As a result, the adenomyosis treatment should mainly choose the medicine with the effect of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis. In that, taking Fuyan pill could help you promote your blood circulation and remove the stasis, even improve your immune system and self-healing capabilities, so as to improve your physical condition and eliminate the root of your disease. This will help you relive your symptoms of being bloated, fatigued and cramps. Generally speaking, after a month treatment, your body condition will get an improvement, and these symptoms will also get relieved. And according to your condition, you could take about 4-5 courses treatment and observe your physical changes, the treatment result is varies according to the different body condition.
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