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There's a blockage at the fimbrial end
Can this condition be cured by the herbal medicine?
The blockage and adhesion at fimbrial end occur because of inflammation. So your treatment should be aiming at eliminating the inflammation and treating the adhesion. Fuyan Pill can cure this condition.In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, inflammation in the pelvic cavity should be treated as a whole. It is not suggested to treat part by part, because the inflammation can spread from one organ to another organ. Fuyan Pill aiming at eliminate symptoms such as pain, irregular menses, abnormal vaginal fluid and so on, can directly treat in the lesion and release the symptoms. It can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material, promote Qi and release pain, dissipate hard lumps.Meanwhile, there will be no side effect or drug resistance to this herbal medicine. It is very safe.
You say thatthrough fuyun pills it is possible that fibreal end adhesions can remove
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