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What is fuyan pill made of ?
I am a teacher from the U.S. Not long ago, the doctor told me I had endometriosis, and it must be treated immediately, or there may be some complications. I do not want to do surgery, and I heard the TCM can treat the disease naturally. Therefore, I want to buy TCM fuyan pill, but I want to know exactly what the fuyan pill is made of to make sure it is the medicine I need.
Fuyan pill is herbal medicine which is made from natural herbs likeplantain seed, peach seed, danggui, and so on. It will never cause side-effects, unlike the medicine like antibiotics. Fuyan pill is very effective to treat the disease like endometriosis, adnomyosis, PID and so on. Therefore, you can rely on fuyan pill and it is for sure that the medicine can cure the diseases in females.
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