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Is fuyan pill available in Australia?
I come from Sydney,Australia. I am a market manager, and I get married last year. My husband and I did not intend to have a child because we thought it is not the right time for us. We want to have child when our financial situations is much better.However, my doctor told me I have endometriosis, which means that getting pregnant is not easy for me. I know that natural remedy fuyan pill will help me. But I do not know if it is available in my country. Can anyone tell me?
1.Fuyan pill is the creation of Dr. Lee who has spent over 30 years studying the diseases in females and it has been patented by SIPO 2.Currently, there are no clinics in Australia. The process of producing the medicine is very complicated , so it will take a long time. Fuyan pill is still not produced in a large scale, so you cannot see the medicine in the market. 3.In order to help the patients in Australia, fuyan pill can be ordered online. Before you place an order, please contact Dr. Lee with email. She will collect your details, then give you some professional advice, her email addresses are :herbalistlee@yahoo.com and wuhandrlee@hotmail.com. 4.Once you order, we will sent out the medicine within 24 hours, and in common, you can receive the package within 15 working days.
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