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Does fuyan pill work for adenomyosis?
I live in U.K now and I was diagosed with adenomyosis not long ago. I want to find a natural way to cure my disease, and after studying several treatments, I think fuyan pill is my option. I just want to know if fuyan pill works for adenomyosis and what should I do during treatment course.
Fuyan pill specializes in the treatment of many female diseases, including adenomyosis, endometriosis , hydrosalpinx, PID and so on. The medicine is developed by Dr. Lee from Wuhan and she is a specialist in females diseases. As we all know, adenomyosis is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium). In the point of TCM’s veiw, this disease is cuased by blood stasis which will lead to the poor blood circulation. The symptoms include painful periods, painful urination , lower abdominal pain, heavy period, prolonged menstruation and so on. Therefore, if we want to cure the disease, the medicine must be equipped with the function to activate the blood circulation and dissipate the stasis. Fuyan Pill is the kind of medicine which can dissipate stasis and promote blood circulation, improve local adhesions, and increase ovarian endocrine . Herbs in the medicine are very useful for the disease. For example, danggui is effective both in detoxification and heat-cleaning, fuling can strengthen the spleen. The data from clinics indicate that about 93% patients’ symptoms are relieved after the first month, more than 80% patients are cured in three months, about 10% patients need 4 months, and only a small amount of the patients need a longer time to recover.
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