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What is fuyan pill used for?
I lived in L.A, the USA, and I am 35 years old. I am busy with my work and pay very little attention to my body, and it surprised me when I was diagnosed with adnomyosis. I googled many information about the disease to try to find an appropriate method to cure my disease. Not long ago, I noticed that a medicine called fuyan pill could cure adenomyosis. So I come to the offfical website to know more knowledge about the pill. I hope someone can tell me more about the medicine.
Hi. Fuyan pill is a natural herbal formula for females, and it has been patented by SIPO. The medicine has the function to kill the bacteria in the female’s reproductive organs, and is helpful for the circulation of the blood. Fuyan pill can be used to cure the disease of females such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, pid, chlamydia infection and so on. Here I would like to take hydrosalpinx treatment as an example. Fuyan pill cure the disease from two sides. One one hand, the medicine can remove the fluids in the tubes by unblocking the clots in the tubes. One the other hand, the pill can eliminate the inflammation of the tubes. If a woman wants to cure the disease, she needs to follow the doctor’s advice strictly. There are several things she should bear in mind: 1.The medicine must be stopped during menstruation periods. 2.Do not blend the medicine with other kinds of TCM, but it can be taken combined with the western medicine. 3.A female should also pay attention to their daily diet. For example, pepper,alcohol, fish, chicken, and some other foods must be forbidden. 4.Pay attention to personal hygiene. 5.If a female has infectious disease, then her husband must be treated as well.
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