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Do I need surgery for tubal adhesions?
Do I need surgery for tubal adhesions?
Female genital system is formed of pelvic cavity tissues linking with each other, infected part infect other parts. As a result, we use the same method to cure cervix, womb, fallopian tube and ovary disease with Chinese traditional medicine. Fuyan Pill effectively cures cervix, womb, fallopian tube and ovary diseases. The medicines in the recipe of Fuyan Pill tonify spleen, promote blood circulation, clear away heart-fire and detoxicating. The herbal medicines which can clear away heart-fire in the recipe kill bacterium, virus, make mycoplasma and chlamydia test negative, other herbal medicines which can activate blood circulation prevent from hyperplasia and fibrosis, dredge fallopian tube, tonify spleen and finally heal the disease.
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