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Should I be worried? Doctor wanted me to remove my only tube!
I removed my left tube because of hydrosalpinx in 2007, by that time my right tube is in good shape and open. In later 2010, I have been diagnosed again with tubal blockage at the right. I haven't conceived yet during these 6years even me and my husband have been trying so hard on this. Please kindly advice
I think it's not necessary for you to remove your only tube for now because you've found our treatment. We offer a nonsurgical treatment for tubal blockage. Even 6 years is not a short history in tubal blockage cases, but you still got a chance higher than 60% to have your tubal blockage cured by the herbal remedy. Fuyan Pill is my patented herbal remedy, it can treat tubal blockage. In most cases, tubal blockage can be completely treated after three months. No side effects has been found in our clinical cases yet. We have many experiences treating western patients after knowing their diagnosis. You may try it before any surgery as well.
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