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I have very heavy and painful period.
Doctors say it is adenomyosis, can Fuyan pill treat it?I have tried the Mirena IUD, but it fell off after a month because of heavy bleeding.
Yes, Fuyan Pill works well on adenomyosis. Adenomyosis is a disorder of endometrium. It can be treated by Fuyan Pill in three to four months. You may try this herbal remedy if you're interested in it. In clinical cases, improvement can be seen after one month medication, so your pain can release soon and your mense flow can become more and more normal with treatment. Fuyan Pill can work effectively only when you can keep a good diet. Spicy foods and condiment, poultry, fish, beef, seafood, onions, durians, pickles, alcohol and milk are forbidden during the medication. This is very important. As long as you can keep a good diet and keep taking the pills for three months, you can get cured.
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