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can fuyan pill stop my severe painful bleeding of over 5moths?
I have severe bleeding and very painful. I also have clotting and it comes out very much thus i am aneamic. The pain is unbearable and i am considering hysterectomy as the doctors have been unable to resolve it and after an ultrascan informed me i had severe adenomyosis. I need help fast
Heavy bleeding caused by adenomyosis can be cured by Fuyan Pill. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that can cure your condition in about four months and you don't need to undergo hysterectomy. As Fuyan Pill contains many herbs in its formula and each of the herbs has their unique function, it works slowly but effectively and can completely and radically cure adenomyosis. As it's a very safe herbal medicine, it not only brings no side effect, but also can perserve your body as well as treating the disease. If you've got some symptoms, they would reduce after one month treatment and would be cleared up after three to four months medication.
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