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Tubes been tied for 10 years?
Tubes been tied for ten years not burned, only 2in cut is it still possible i can concieve a baby and how many months of medication i need? is one month good enough?
According to your descriptions, we know that you have something wrong with your fallopian tubes. But there are many reasons that cause fallopian tubes blocked. You can find some information about tubal blockage here: http://global.fuyanpills.com/DT/Tubal_Conditions/2010/0915/1.html Have you and your husband had a pre-pregnancy check before? What's the test result? Do you have some symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge and irregular menstruation? We need more information to make a diagnosis for you. Fuyan pill has good effect to treat hydrosalpinx and some kinds of tubal blockage, and can help enhance the body function. Any more question is welcome.
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