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Pangolin Scales Effects in Fuyan Pill

Pangolin Scales, as the "guiding herbs" of Fuyan Pill, plays an important role in the prescription.


As a famous and precious herb, pangolin scales are rich in cholesterol, stearic acid, and aliphatic amid compounds. It is cool in nature and salty in flavour. Pangolin scales can promote blood circulation, subside swell, relax the channels and collaterals, and often is used to treat cold and amenorrhea, to stop bleeding and pain.


As some gynecological diseases are a condition of adhesions, blockage, or inflammation, pangolin scales plays a role in the prescription to help promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, dissipate hard lumps, adhesions and blockage.


On the other hand, pangolin scales is a herb which can "travel" all around in the body, thus it is always used as a "guiding herb" in some prescriptions. It "guides" other herbs in the prescription to work directly in the lesion, not somewhere else. Unlike antibiotics are always working in the whole body, Fuyan Pill works mainly at genital and urinary system. As a result, Fuyan Pill can treat some infections or inflammations which cannot be treated by antibiotics.


Some has asked if only taking pangolin scales is good to treat the disease, the answer certainly is "no". Some specific kinds of herbs using together, has power ability in treating the disease than they're used separately. As women with gynecological conditions may possibly develop symptoms like yellowish/excessive discharge, irregular menses, lower abdominal/back pain, more herbs are needed to treat these symptoms. Thus Fuyan Pill as a complete prescription, can treat genital/urinary disease effectively.

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