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In Which Way We Buy Fuyan Pills?

Fuyan Pill, the pure herbal formulation, has achieved good results in the clinical treatment of gynecological diseases over years. Also, it has been recognized by the national patent. So it is not only the prescription medicine of Wuhan Dr. Lee Xiaoping, but also the national patent drugs, which protected by the State. 

Of course, while it gains its reputation, a lot of patients that untreated by Fuyan pill but heard its good efficacy inevitably go with the question that in which way they can buy it and how to verify its authenticity?
Fuyan pill is the prescription drug created by Wuhan Dr. Lee Xiaoping, so there is no doubt that it is sold in Dr. Lee’s clinic in Wuhan. However, some patients also heard that it can be purchased through online shopping.
Then what’s the reason? Is Fuyan pill can also be bought online? In order to clarify this question, we visited Dr. Lee's clinic, and have the face to face consultation with Dr. Lee. 
Question 1: "Dr. Lee, can I buy Fuyan pills online? 
Answer: "Yes, Fuyan pills is the patent medicine of mine, in order to meet the needs of the society, we make an official website of fuyan pill for everyone to consult. And it is the only way online to buy this specific drug. I haven’t authorized any other institutions or individuals to sell it "
Question 2: “whether these so-called Fuyan pills on Amazon and other websites have the same good treatment effects?" 
Answer: "These are not the drugs created by us, so I cannot guarantee whether they are useful. However, in the past years, some patients bought online drugs, but not in the official website, after a long time eating, they found it is the ineffective treatment. Then they have no choice but went to our clinic to inquiry. In this case, we can see that this kind of medicine is not so effective.
Dr. Lee added that the symptoms will be significantly improved after a course of fuyan pill treatment,  more than 90% patients can get good results after 3-6 months' treatment. She reminded patients to purchase authentic fuyan pills from official website.
Meanwhile, Dr. Lee also suggested that if patients want to consult, they can contact her directly. Or they also can consult online through the official website of Fuyan pill (https://global.fuyanpills.com/index.html). To protect the rights of your own is very important, so patients must learn to distinguish whether the medicine is true or false.

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