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The Price of Fuyan Pill

For women, gynecological disease is the devil which is difficult to completely get rid of. And though there are many treatment methods, the price is too high to afford, especially when the price rises in recent years. Then as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula Fuyan Pill has good curative effect and the price is low, it has been the favourite of many patients, the price changes of fuyan pill thus attracting more and more attention.

The price of TCM gradually increases. Wuhan Dr. Lee, the creator of fuyan pill, believes that, the increasing prices are mainly due to the lack of raw materials. And of course, not all materials are becoming less and less, this may have certain relationship with hypes to some degree. 
Then under this circumstance, does the price of fuyan pill go up? Dr. Lee said it didn’t. So, many people may doubt, when all prices are rising, why the price of fuyan pill didn’t rise as well. And is this the result of reducing the ingredient so as to ensure the price? Dr. Lee explained, “many people may worry about this, but it is not necessary actually as this is not true.” She concluded the reasons why the price of fuyan pill didn’t go up. The reasons are as follows:
On the one hand, the price of herbs in the formula doesn’t go up. And fuyan pill is a prescription medicine of Dr. Lee. Different from some other enterprises, this medicine is not for the sake of profits. Being engaged in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 30 years, Dr. Lee is committed to save patients. As long as the price of ingredients doesn’t go up too fast, the price of fuyan pill won’t increase.
On the other hand, many goods are selling packaging which is also a big cause of the current rising price. However, fuyan pill focuses on the curative effect; it doesn't have too many fancy things on packaging, and this also reduces the cost to some extent. So, it is no need to reduce drug ingredients to maintain the original price.
In the end, Dr. Lee adds that, “if the patients have any questions to consult, or have a need to purchase medicine, you can directly go to the clinic, or ask online customer service through the website of fuyan pill http://www.fuyanpills.com. Don’t believe in the drug supply in other shopping platforms as fuyan pill are only available in Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM clinic.”
The author hereby reminds patients that, there is no rise in the price of fuyan pill, and patients must pay attention when buying fuyan pill, don’t let the illegal businessmen succeed.
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