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Diet and notice for Fuyan Pill
When taking Fuyan Pill, patients have to avoid some foods and some things because they can make the negative effect on drug function of Fuyan Pill. Therefore, in order to regain your health as soon as possible, there are some tips on diet and notice you need to pay close attention to.
1. Take this medicine by fifty grams a day, and take it twice or three times a day about half an hour after every meal.
2. Do not take other herbal medicines or Chinese patent medicines when taking Fuyan Pill, while it is OK to take other western medicines; do not take Fuyan Pill during menstruation, while it is Ok to continue the Pill during painful or less menstrual period.
3. During the medication, drinking, smoking, and intake of pepper, chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, and pickled vegetables are all not allowed. 
4. Oranges and tangerines are avoided too, because they can cause alkaline urine which is beneficial to the growth of bacteria. Besides, milk, which is more likely to increase leucorrhea secretion, is bad for treatment effect, especially for vaginitis patients who will become pruritus if they drink milk.
5. Pay attention to personal hygiene. It is essential to restrain some bad habits like masturbation.
6. For the transmitted diseases, it is necessary for couple to take treatments at the same time in order to prevent cross-infection.

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